Want to know what happens here at Pattaya Muay Thai Academy? Find out what people are saying about us…

The Pattaya Muay Thai Academy is amazing. During my first visit, I immediately felt welcomed as the staff was knowledgeable and friendly. The drills were also set up to be safe yet effective. The environment of the gym was set up as such that there was no room for ego boosts. In fact, the classes taught you how to learn brutal techniques and training routines.

–    Jason C.

It is not often when you finally find the gym that you are looking for. This place goes beyond expectations with even more thrown in. if you are looking for a school that offers the basic defense, this academy is for you. If you are looking to improve your training with the best trainers available, this academy is for you.

–    Sam D.

The style of the gym has nothing too showy as fighters can focus solely on training. The teachers are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about their skill. They are eager to help you with any questions that you may have as well as answer any confusion that you may have. What’s great about this gym is that there is zero intimidation for anyone who is looking to try them out. The facility is very clean and well kept. If you’re looking to join a muay thai gym nearby, this place is totally worth it.

–    Leilani G.

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