4 Skills Every Great Muay Thai Fighter Must Have


What separates the best fighters from the rest of the leagues is their skills and timing. This makes all the difference in developing your training and sparring skills against your opponent. While most trainers understand the importance of sparring, boxers must master other technical skills.

Here are 4 skills every great muay thai fighter must have.

Respond Immediately

When you train and spar, you will first notice the quick trigger response your partner has when receiving a strike. Once you land a kick or punch, they will immediately try to hit you back. This response starts from the scoring system, as fighters will need to ensure that they never let their guard down. If a fighter lands a clean strike, that automatically gives them a score.

Blocking A Strike

Blocking and countering after an attack requires time and effort to develop the skills. Many fighters end up feeling lazy to block strikes, however, this gives them an opportunity to take advantage of openings. Learning how to score is easy, as you will need to react instead of standing still after you block an attack.

Master At Catching Kicks

Just like responding to triggered strikes, you will also need to master at catching kicks. Whenever there is a kick that they cannot block, they will choose to either catch your kick or throw an immediate attack against you.

Control the Distance

Whether you are a skilled or aggressive fighter, you will need to understand how to put the fight at the right stance and distance. Some fighters will need you to be close in range to be effective while others prefer to be out of range to become more evasive.

Mastering the art of Muay Thai is a process that takes years or even a lifetime to achieve. No matter how many years or hours you train, there will always be something that you can learn to improve. The moment you believe that you are the best is the moment you will stop learning to become the best.

4 Mistakes Muay Thai Amateurs Make

No matter which Muay Thai champion you ask how they got to where they are today, you will hear the same repetitive answer: hard work, dedication, persistence, and passion. To help you become a better fighter, there are some important values that you should learn and discover. In this guide, we will discover some of the most common mistakes that you should steer clear from.

Here are 4 mistakes muay thai amateurs make.

Make Training 100% Muay Thai

While you may want to improve, your training and skills that does not mean that all your training sessions should be completely muay thai boxing. You will need to work on the skills that you want to improve. You can start training to form new habits and build yourself from general movements.

Focus on Equipment Rather than Purpose

It can be easy to get lost in all the latest gym toys. However, if you want to achieve successful training sessions, you will need to use different pieces of equipment and stick to quality movements.

Lack of Rest Between Sets

Just because Muay Thai does not follow with rest, it does not mean you have to continue the same behavior in your supplemental training. To gain strength and power you will need to take rest intervals of about 3-5 minutes per set. However, once you have developed great strength and power, your body will learn to endure the fatigue.

Less Motivation to New Challenges

What makes an OK fighter and a great fighter different is that a great fight tries to outdo what they did the last session. This mindset will help you to improve as a boxer and motivate you to continue conditioning and strengthening the body. Learning to balance training and recover will help you to improve your overall athletic performance.

A brief introduction to Muay Thai Techniques

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Over all, one of the best things any muay thai fighter can do is to make each training effective. Make training have a purpose and plan to condition your strength and skills for better performance.

4 Sparring Tips That Will Improve Your Muay Thai Skills

If you plan to reach a level of expertise in the art of Muay Thai, you will need to spar. Unless you fight every day, sparring is how you can develop your sense of defense and offense in timing and strategy.  While you may spend a lot of time working on your technique and practicing drills, sparring is what will take you to the next level.

Here are 4 sparring tips that will improve your Muay Thai skills.

Give What You Receive

Learn how to balance with your partner. You can only go hard as your sparring partner to move with balance and intensity. Sparring will always escalate when one person lands a harder strike than the other fighter. In return, the other person will aim to meet the same force and lead into full-on brawls.

Play Safe When You Need It

If you are sparring with someone who has a higher advantage, learn to play it safe. If you are going against a fighter who is looking for power shots, this tip will help keep you from getting knocked out. When facing an aggressive opponent, don’t feel the need to swing. Instead, learn to keep a tight guard. Otherwise, you might find yourself lying on the ground.

Take A Deep Breath

Staying relaxed during a match is important when you face an opponent. When you begin to spar with new people, you might start to feel anxious. The trick is to stay relaxed when fighting against a hard-hitting opponent.

Get Out of the Comfort Zone

When it comes to sparring, the only way you will improve is when you push yourself out of the comfort zone. Always aim to spar with new fighters to help you adapt to different fighting styles and techniques.

As sparring is one of the most valuable tools in training, you can translate that you practice in class and use it for something that works. Learn to develop your timing and work on useful combinations to help your skills improve.