Pattaya Muay Thai Academy is fully committed to mastering the skills of traditional Muay Thai. We strive to encourage growth and develop in each of our systems through training and knowledge. The academy is led by a team of focused individuals that have undergone decades of training in Muay Thai,

We at Pattaya Muay Thai Academy believe that Muay Thai enhances the physical, spiritual, and mental growth in individuals and enhance their lead to self-discovery and development. We aim to teach our students martial arts and instill in their values, commitment, self-discipline, and personal development.

Pattaya Muay Thai Academy teaches with a high standard of the traditional version of Muay Thai, which our team competes at an inter-club level to international title fights. As a training academy, we are dedicated to producing keep members who can master themselves through the art of Muay Thai.

We believe that muay thai training is an excellent method for transforming oneself into the best individual possible. Join us on the journey to self-discovery and learn the art of Muay Thai.