4 Mistakes Muay Thai Amateurs Make

No matter which Muay Thai champion you ask how they got to where they are today, you will hear the same repetitive answer: hard work, dedication, persistence, and passion. To help you become a better fighter, there are some important values that you should learn and discover. In this guide, we will discover some of the most common mistakes that you should steer clear from.

Here are 4 mistakes muay thai amateurs make.

Make Training 100% Muay Thai

While you may want to improve, your training and skills that does not mean that all your training sessions should be completely muay thai boxing. You will need to work on the skills that you want to improve. You can start training to form new habits and build yourself from general movements.

Focus on Equipment Rather than Purpose

It can be easy to get lost in all the latest gym toys. However, if you want to achieve successful training sessions, you will need to use different pieces of equipment and stick to quality movements.

Lack of Rest Between Sets

Just because Muay Thai does not follow with rest, it does not mean you have to continue the same behavior in your supplemental training. To gain strength and power you will need to take rest intervals of about 3-5 minutes per set. However, once you have developed great strength and power, your body will learn to endure the fatigue.

Less Motivation to New Challenges

What makes an OK fighter and a great fighter different is that a great fight tries to outdo what they did the last session. This mindset will help you to improve as a boxer and motivate you to continue conditioning and strengthening the body. Learning to balance training and recover will help you to improve your overall athletic performance.

A brief introduction to Muay Thai Techniques

From Visually.

Over all, one of the best things any muay thai fighter can do is to make each training effective. Make training have a purpose and plan to condition your strength and skills for better performance.

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