4 major causes of anxiety that you should be aware of

Anxiety is something most of us have to deal with very often. It’s something people experience before an important event. It is very normal to be anxious before a presentation or special event. But usually, this anxiousness goes away after some time. If the condition persists for a long time, say up to weeks or months, then it’s a condition you should be worried about. A number of factors can cause anxiety. Here we are going to discuss the major causes of anxiety.

1. Panic disorders

You will feel as if your heart is beating at a very fast rate. You will feel dizzy and will have shortness of breath. If you experience all these before an event then you are likely to have panic disorder.

2. Stress disorders

Stress at work or school can cause anxiety. If you are having trouble in relationships then stress due to it will also cause stress disorder. Financial stress is one of the major causes of anxiety. If someone close to you dies then you may experience anxiety. Some people become anxious when they go to high altitudes. Sometimes, people become anxious as a result of trauma from an accident.

3. Physical condition

If you have heart disease or heat stroke then you are likely to suffer from anxiety. Sometimes people have chest pain not because of heart disease, but due to panic disorder. It can be hard for the doctors to determine the actual cause. Anxiety can be one of the side effects of the medication you are taking.

4. Drug intake

If someone is on drugs then he or she will have anxiety problems. Those who try to withdraw from drugs like heroin and cocaine also have this problem.

Symptoms of anxiety include dizziness, increased heart rate, sleeplessness, abdominal pain, vomiting tendency, etc. Anxiety can severely hamper a person’s life. It affects a person’s daily activities and prevents him or her from achieving goals. You can practice yoga and meditation to have a good mental health. You should consult a doctor to prescribe you medication if you suffer from serious anxiety problems. It is essential to communicate your problem to someone and not hide your concern. Otherwise, your condition will become worse. It is important to know the causes and symptoms and anxiety control techniques so that you can lead a normal life.

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